How to play Rocket League (and actually get better)

The ultimate beginner’s guide!

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

Mindset and Setup

WATCH: Top 5 Tips for Rocket League Beginners by Lawler (12 min)

WATCH: The 5 stages every Rocket League player goes through by SunlessKahn (9 min)

Physics and Controls

WATCH: Rocket League ball physics — Rocket Science #4 by Rocket Science (8 min)

WATCH: Basic Dribbling & Flicks | Rocket League Tutorial by Kevpert (Start at 1:32)

Low-level Mechanics

WATCH: How to rank up! Rocket League Progression Guide: Bronze by Hoodyhooo

WATCH: Dribbling — Low Level Rocket League Mechanics by Snap10a

WATCH: The BEST KICKOFF TUTORIAL in Rocket League by Virge

Final Thoughts

WATCH: 10 Bad Rocket League Habits You (Probably) Have! by SubParButInHD

doing yoga to recover from a rage quit